Keiki (Children’s) Ceramic/Mixed Media Art Classes

Instructors:  Kanoe Dudoit, Misty Mollena, April Maddela

Class times: Saturday 9:45am-10:45am, 11am-12pm

Keiki Ceramic/ Mixed Media Classes

The instruction for the keiki/children’s classes focuses on familiarizing keiki with clay and basic hand building techniques. These techniques include: coil, slab, pinch pot, score and slip to join pieces, how to create different textures with different tools and learning about colors through the use of different slips in combination with a technique called sgraffito. Students also have the opportunity to do different mixed media projects such as, painting, tie dye, paper mâché, bead work, jewelry, wearable art, holiday activities, etc. Several times throughout the year, students are given a chance to experiment and explore their creativity by making items to either use or give away as gifts. The keiki classes target the age group from 4-12 years old. Students who are n the 4-5 year age range will require a parent to be there in order to assist the instructor and keiki and to help guide them during the projects as needed until they are comfortable working with clay and mixed media.  It is the mission of the MAC to inspire these keiki and to enhance their creativity and to use art as a way of expressing themselves while learning new things and discovering hidden talents.