Intermediate Ceramics

Instructor-Dan Bennett

Class Times: W 3-6 PM, Sa 2-4 PM 

Intermediate Ceramics includes ceramic instruction on an informal, individual, basis with the instructor meeting the needs of the level of the participant from beginner to advanced. Forming methods taught are hand building and wheel throwing. Hand building methods include pinch, coil and slab. Wheel throwing is usually taught after hand building methods are explored so that students have a knowledge of the nature of clay before attempting to form work on the pottery wheel, which takes longer to learn, and requires more advanced skills. Work is high fired so that it is food safe and durable for daily use. Other methods of firing such as raku, salt, and wood are offered to the students when appropriate, with other potters. More advanced students are offered instruction in firing methods, kiln construction, equipment operation and glaze preparation. Advanced wheel throwing techniques are provided as needed when students progress in skill development. The instructor sees his role as introductory and as resource as participants develop their own personal style of expression in clay. Three levels of studio membership are offered: (1) drop in session(s)-$20 for 1-3 session in creating a clay piece to take home, (2) regular studio membership $60 per month to include two class sessions available per week, as well as open studio session on Sunday 1-4, PM, (3) volunteer studio membership $30 per month, includes same class times as regular studio membership, but requires 2 hours per week of volunteer work for the Molokai Arts Center. As a natural evolution of the creative process students are encouraged to develop entrepreneurship skills if so desired, to support themselves financially after they have created enough work of sufficient quantity and quality.