Artist in Residence Program



The Molokai Arts Center offers several opportunities for artist residencies each year. A small island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and part of the Hawaiian islands, Molokai provides a perfect backdrop to create, explore and experience a unique culture. The purpose of the MAC Artist In Residency program is to provide visiting artists with a respite from daily responsibilities to enable them to create and concentrate on their work.

Housing Provided

Housing is provided free of charge.  Each Artist In Residence will have a local host who can help guest artists get acclimated to the area.

Studio Space Provided

The Artist In Resident will have access to a studio space (if available) located at a selected site.

Other Expenses

Travel will be partially reimbursed and a stipend from MAC may be included. A vehicle is recommended. The MAC does not charge a residency fee.

Who May Apply

Residencies are considered in the disciplines of creative writing, visual arts, photography, sculpture, fiber arts, ceramics and music, dance, installation work, earthworks, and site-specific art. The selection committee will consider requests in light of suitability for our present facilities. Artists who are chosen are expected to make a presentation to the community during their residency. Artists may be asked, but will not be required, to donate to the MAC one piece of work created during, or as a result of, their residency at the MAC. Donated work will be added to the MAC collection. Works in the collection become the property of the MAC. In the event that MAC decides to de-accession a work to contain the size of the permanent collection, MAC reserves the right to auction/sell such work to generate funds to directly support the organization.

Selecting Dates

The length of the residency will vary according to circumstances and the artist’s requests.  This is an ongoing program, so there is no application deadline. However, the Molokai Arts Center is currently (as of 3/10/20) in the process of changing over to an application deadline. Expect to see updates later on in April as this goes through a review process.

How to Apply

Complete the Artist In Residence Application (please note that the revised application will be available in late April 2020 which is a projected date).

In addition to the application:

  • Have your resume ready to upload as a PDF file (1MB maximum file size).
  • Prepare a proposal as to what your goal will be during your Artist In Residency
  • For non-visual artists: Have 3 samples of your work ready to upload in a PDF file. (1MB maximum file size). Writers please submit poems, short stories, articles, published or unpublished. Musical composers please submit scores, audio files and/or performances.
  • For visual artists: Have 6-8 images of your work ready to upload in JPG, GIF, or PNG (1MB maximum file size per image 1260 pixels on the long side or as close as possible).
  • Artist who have websites are encouraged to submit their URL address.
  • Check your calendar for preferred residency dates.

Please email your application and all requested items listed above to MAC. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email the MAC Executive Director.