2021 Annual Members Show

This year’s juror is Kat Kaslauskas. Born and raised in California, Kat Kazlauskas received her BFA from UC Berkeley with a concurrent BA in Rhetoric. She relocated to O‘ahu in 2017 to pursue an MFA at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. She has exhibited in San Francisco, Honolulu, Oakland, and Berkeley, and has Private Collections in California and Wyoming. Her concentration is in sculpture and site-specific installation with a focus on the intersections between the human-made and natural environment. Kat was tasked with selecting the awardees for this annual exhibition which was Best in Show, Best of 2D, Best of 3D and Best of Kupuna. In addition to the MAC awards selected by Kat, there are 2 awards from Hawaii Craftsmen selected by the Molokai Island representative, Paula Scott. 

Since Board Members do not participate in this competition, they are invited to choose a couple of pieces to exhibit. Some of the artist’s works are offered for sale and are indicated with a price in the description. If interested in purchasing some of the art, please contact the MAC or call at 808 5679696 to make arrangements. To view a slideshow of the images which contains the artist’s names, description of work and other info, click on the first image to scroll through one by one.