Program Description – Hawaiian Language Immersion Program (HLIP)

Instructor:  April Maddela

Class times: Wednesday – 9:30 to 10:30am


Hawaiian Language Immersion Program Ceramic Class


This program specifically targets the Molokai Middle School Hawaiian students in Kumu Iolani Kuoha class and includes special needs students.  In this class, students have a chance to learn basic ceramic instruction on an informal, individual basis learning hand building techniques such as pinch pot, coils, and slabs to create  ceramic artwork. Instruction focuses the lessons on Hawaiian history and culture while allowing students to create pieces that are relevant to them. The students are also provided with an opportunity to make artwork in order to fundraise for their class all while learning the business and networking side of ceramics.  On some occasions, they are also allowed to create pieces on the wheel with some guidance. Wheel throwing is usually taught after hand building methods are explored so that students have a knowledge of the nature of clay before attempting to form work on the pottery wheel, which takes longer to learn, and requires more advanced skills. Mixed media curriculum is also a part of this class where the students have a chance to learn about different types of art mediums, styles and techniques. Students are encouraged to be creative. As students build an ‘inventory’ of art pieces they have created, they are then provided with the opportunity to develop entrepreneurship skills.