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Unfolding Stories: Visual Storytelling
through Urban Sketching
Taught by Rita Sabler, Portland Artist
When: Tuesday, Nov 20th 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Where: Molokai Arts Center
Instructor, Rita Sabler will be here on Molokai during an artist in residency at the Kalaupapa National Historic Park between November 26 and December 3 creating a collection of drawings and visual stories about the park and its history. Rita currently teaches at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland and also teaches a series of very popular Urban sketching workshops.
We all love sketches that are not only beautiful to look at but also tell a compelling story. How do you infuse your sketch with meaning that is intuitively and universally understood? Successful visual reportage requires familiarity with your subject, research, and time for extensive exploration. How do you tell a good story with limited time and tools?
This workshop will introduce you to the key ingredients of a visual story and teach you easy to follow recipes to put together one of your own, when your time is limited. We will discuss key techniques that make your story easy to represent and follow. Finally we will put all of our ingredients together, selectively applying such techniques as isolating, motion framing, captioning, zooming, etc. creating a story about Kaunakakai.
Workshop Schedule:
How will the workshop be organized over the 3 hours?
• Introductions: 10 min
• Main ingredients of visual storytelling: 15 min
• Successful storytelling techniques: 20 min
• Observation and brainstorming exercise: 20 min
• Visual Story Part 1: Participants will put your their story together using a progression of quick drawings suggested earlier 45 min
• Mid-point progress check: 10 min
• Visual Story Part 2: Participants will finish putting their story together adding the missing ingredients and applying the techniques learned in class: 45 min
• Sharing of the stories, feedback and closing remarks: 10 min
Space is limited and ticket prices are $32 for current MAC members and $40 for non members. Don’t let this get away from you-you can register now!
Class outline and materials needed can be found here.