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The Naked Raku Workshop
Kate & Will Jacobson
Sat. Nov. 2 and Sun. Nov. 3
1:00 – 6:00 PM
Molokai Arts Center


Molokai Arts Center is excited to bring Kate & Will Jacobson, widely recognized as the originators of Naked Raku and other alternative bare clay firing techniques, to Molokai for a two-day hands-on workshop, Saturday, November 2 and Sunday, November 3, from 1-6pm. The Jacobsons have been collaborating potters for over forty years and have exhibited their art and taught workshops throughout the world. They have had studios in Sedona, Arizona; Olympic Peninsula, Washington, and currently have one on the Big Island.


What is Naked Raku? Naked raku is a variation of the raku technique in which a slip is applied to the pot before it is placed in the raku kiln. The slip cracks and breaks apart during the firing and is chipped off after to reveal a blackened crackle pattern. Kate and Will Jacobson figured out a way to add some color and drawn imagery in the naked raku technique. There is a great article on them in this issue of Ceramic Arts Daily Network publication.


Participants will explore surface decoration and Naked Raku firing techniques. The Jacobsons will demonstrate their methods of wheel throwing, slab construction, mica, infusion, sodium silicate and post reduction techniques.


The Jacobsons’ current work is inspired by the concept of living in the center of the Pacific Rim. Hawaii is a very elemental island with trembling blue horizons, slowly creeping rivers of lava and starry, starry night skies. There is a continual awareness and respect for the fierce power and tender fragility of life. When you look at their art, you get a glimpse into their world filled with wonder and awe. You can visit their website to get a glimpse of some of their stunning works of art using this technique.


With growing evidence of how climate change will impact island cultures, the Jacobsons “hope to raise awareness and celebrate the beauty and strength of the ocean that surrounds, nurtures, and unites us all.”


Cost is $75 non-members, $60 members. Online registration will begin on October 12.