Chocolate Workshop in
Scenic Halawa Valley
Every 2nd Saturday: From Bean to Bar


“Chocolate comes from cacao, which is a tree that makes it a plant. Chocolate is salad.” – Anonymous

Does that mean that eating chocolate counts as eating your vegetables?

Let’s make Molokai chocolates from cacao grown in Halawa Valley! Join us as Joanie Pruet teaches the art of making chocolate from locally sourced cacao nibs. See the cacao trees Joanie and her husband Kalani have been growing in beautiful Halawa.  Learn the process that the beans have to go through before it can become that delectable treat that so many love. Make your own chocolates to take home and get a cacao tree as part of the package if it’s something you find you want to grow yourself.

You will need to drive out to Halawa Valley. When you arrive at the valley, you can go straight to the Farm (if you already know where it is) or meet at Halawa Pavilion 9:45am. Be sure to allow about an hour to drive from Kaunakakai town to Halawa Valley and watch for those 4-legged pedestrians. Bring your own  water and snacks/lunch as the drive is long and the workshop will go right through lunch. One of the best parts about being out there is the unparalleled view of the waterfalls!

You can sign up for the chocolate workshop here.

Photo credit: Randy Johnston