The Molokai Arts Center would like to announce the hiring of our first employee, Kathleen Mendes, as a part-time studio manager. She will be in charge of ordering supplies and equipment, instructing members in the operation and maintenance of equipment and kilns, assisting in teaching classes, and mixing of glazes among other duties as needed.

This is an historic event for the MAC as she is our first employee and starts the process of staffing our facility on a systematic basis. Her hiring will help to expand and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our programs.

We are very pleased to have Kathleen in this position as she comes with a wealth of knowledge in the arts, with an emphasis in the field of ceramics. She has demonstrated through countless hours of volunteer time the willingness and expertise required for this position. She has previously shown her ability to manage the studio through her volunteer work and we have the utmost confidence in her. Please show her your appreciation and help her to accomplish a task that will require more hours and we are currently able to compensate her for.

Kathleen Mendes is an accomplished artist in her own right, and will present our first member show at the MAC studio in October, with the opening on Oct. 5. The MAC invites you to come and see for yourself some of the ceramic works she has created. I think you will find them to be most interesting and beautiful in a style that combines a graceful functionality and a whimsically sculptural approach to ceramics. I think you will find her pieces to be both uniquely humorous and cleverly useful.